Air Guling Lombok Indonesia

West of Kuta is Air Guling ( translated from Indonesian to English is, “water turning” ) due to the enormous supply of fresh spring water supply that is in this area.

Located 5km from Kuta, the area is a closed bay surrounded by fertile green mountains and has spectacular views of uninhabited small lush islands.

Air Guling is regarded as one of the best-surfing wave breaks in the south of Lombok, however, as is typical of this region the break is a small distance from the shore.

The beach has a wonderful sandy front and easy for swimming.  Air Guling also has three access roads coming from the main road from Kuta leading directly to the beach. Electricity is already established along the main road. Much of Air Guling’s land is already sold. Several areas have been purchased by foreign investors.

Air Guling Lombok Indonesia Great Surf and Diving