406 Ekas Property For Sale

Ekas Property For Sale
Six to Nine Hectare location in Ekas Bay. Stunning Beach Cliff location.

The cliff side of the plot facing the bay looks towards the sunset and is naturally shaped as an amphitheater.

The bottom has a 3-meter drop to the beach, allowing for a staircase design that will incorporate a natural security buffer.

Beach width varies as sand is eroded and deposited through the year.

Reef bed has a small selection of corals 40m out after a gentle slope and before dropping off into deeper waters.

The land has a direct view of surfing waves at ‘Inside Ekas’ with close access to another wave known as ‘Outside Ekas’.The surf in front of the beach is mellow on high tide allowing beginners to practice.

The slopes facing the valley behind has a wide enough expanse for restful privacy.

The land is freehold title.

Ekas is the gem of the East Lombok Regency with its gently slopping cliff beautiful golden sand beaches and pristine ocean. Abundant in lobsters and delicacies from the ocean. This is a premium area for a first-class development. The Lombok government has built and is continuing to build a full infrastructure for the entire area.

Ekas Land For Sale

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Ekas Property For Sale

Ekas Lombok Cliff beachfront property Surfing, diving, and snorkelling
Ekas Lombok Cliff beachfront property Surfing, diving, and snorkelling