Lombok Property Purchase Vigilance

Property Purchase Vigilance

Are you looking for land for sale on Lombok? 
Here are some pointers to get you started when looking for land for sale in Lombok:

1. Go about it legally.
Learn about the various property ownership arrangements available to foreigners in Indonesia, as well as the steps required to invest in land or property and the necessary licenses. We always recommend that you get legal advice before purchasing land in Lombok so that you can be guided through the process and have the necessary due diligence done on your behalf. When looking at Lombok land for sale, doing this legal due diligence upfront can offer you the peace of mind you need. 

2. Don’t jump into things too quickly.

Please take your time. Do your homework. Take a look at the many alternatives. While this is an exciting time, don’t forget to take a moment to breathe and contemplate. After all, we’re on island time.

3. Work with people who have a good reputation.

Dealing with competent and experienced people on the ground is advantageous. Examine any developer’s track record, ask questions, and gain knowledge from them. Simply contact us and we will put you in touch with the most experienced property professionals in Lombok.

4. Inquire about the infrastructure.

Find out what infrastructure and services are already on the site by asking the developer (for example roads, electricity, water, drainage, etc). If there isn’t any infrastructure on the property, ask the developer if it’s included in the price you’re paying for the land or if it’s extra.
Because infrastructure can be costly, it’s crucial to determine who will foot the bill. If the developer is providing the infrastructure or services, do your homework on their track record and make sure you have a contract in place with clear commitments and consequences if they don’t deliver.

5. Use caution and care when constructing.

If you’ve purchased land in Lombok and are planning to develop your ideal home or project, we have some more recommendations for you. Building anyplace is a difficult and stressful task. It’s critical to hire an experienced contractor and project manager, especially if you won’t be on the ground to oversee the project (and we do recommend being here full-time if constructing on your own). If you are not based full-time in Lombok, buying through a managed estate may be a preferable option, since it eliminates the hassle of managing a build as well as monitoring and maintaining your property once it is completed. Check out our blog for more information: 10 suggestions for establishing a villa in Lombok.

Check out our current listings or contact us directly to learn more about our property and land for sale.

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